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Tourinform office of Sárvár   in the heart of the town welcomes their visitors with the wide range of touist information, prospekts and guide books.


The present-day Castle in Sárvár   was built on bases of the pentagonal medieval fortress. The castle walls with many bastions were built if brick between the 15-18th century. The gate tower was by Donato Grazioli.The most beautiful part of the castle is the big hall, on the walls of which we can see stuccos by Hans Rudolf Miller, which depict the most important scenes of the battle between Nádasdy Ferenc and the renowned Black Bey. Nowadays the castle is the home for the Sylvester János Library, the Community Centre and a museum.   This museum has several permanent exhibitions, such as the one presenting the life and work of Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén, the exhibition of weapons and castle enterieurs. The castle garden around the walls of the castle has many trees and along the path you can take a look at several beautiful statues. Here in the moat we can find bench in memory of Sylvester János and the statue of Tinódi Lantos Sebestyén.

Sport and activities

If someone requires not calm relaxation but also active recreation in our hotel a wide range of sporting and entertainment facilities is available. Both in the hotel and in its neighbourhood there are lots of possibilities for spending our leisure time, doing some sport or just having fun. Besides our hotel, Sárvár also has many sporting facilities. Fans of horseriding   can take trips both on horseback and in horsed carriages in picturesque hilly places, while anglers are welcome by several nearby lakes and rivers with fish in great abundance. The nearby woods are sure to provide unforgettable experiences for hunters.


Sárvár offers a whole range of restaurants with quality cusine. The nearest restaurant is 300 meters from the appartments. The restaurants in Sárvár offer traditional and international dishes partly with evening music thematical specialities.


The new Spa and Wellness Centre Sárvár ,   which conforms to international standards, - located only 500 meters from our appartements - was opened on the 1st of December 2002. The aim of this new facility is to cater for all generations. It covers an area of 55000 sq meters end contains a water surface area of 3600 sq meters. All this awaits potential visitors along with numerous healing, health mainteance and recreational services. The spa provides numerous special services to satisfy all age groups and the complex is capable of meeting not only the requirements of more traditional health remedy seeking visitors but also of families, young people and childern.

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